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With start of work on port in March 2002, it was expected that there will be a massive growth in the town. In order to plan/regulate this growth, Gwadar Master Plan was introduced.

Gwadar Development Authority was established in October 2003 to improve/Implement the Master Plan, which initially suggested only the land use. After the establishment of the Authority, Internal Road Network, Land Zoning and Vision for future Gwadar was Developed / finalized. The same time the Gwadar Town Planning Regulations were adapted. Details of the Land use are as under:

19500 Acres   Residential (Extendable)
200 Acres   Commercial  (Ext.)
210 Acres   Recreational (Ext.)
10000 Acres   Industrial + Ware Housing
Desalination Plant, New International Air port, Railway Linkage, Multiple access to port and various urban facilities.

Other incentives in Gwadar Master Plan includes:

  • Economic Free Zone
  • Subsidized Electricity
  • 5 roads connecting Gwadar with rest of the country/Afghanistan, China and India, Secondary access to all Central Asian Countries.

G.D.A. is a statutory body. The Chief Minister Balochistan is the Chairman of the Governing Body of the G.D.A. the other members are:

  1. Chief Minister, Chairman.

  2. Chief Secretary.

  3. Additional Chief Secretary, P&DD GOB.

  4. The Secretary, Finance, GOB.

  5. The Secretary, Ministry of Railways or Representative.

  6. The Secretary, Ministry of Communication or Representative.

  7. Director General, GDA.

  8. The Chairman, Gwadar Port Authority.

  9. Member National Assembly from the Area.

  10. Member Provincial Assembly from the Area.

  11. Minister, GDA.

  12. Mr. Ahmed Bakhsh Lehri, Life Time Member.

The Director General is the Chief Executive Officer of G.D.A, and a member of G.D.A. Governing Body.

Functions of Department

  • Regulate the land use of Gwadar Tehsil.

  • Development of Infrastructure, Public Services / facilities mentioned in Master Plan.

  • Monitoring of Planning and Engineering works on Public – Private projects in Gwadar.

  • Ensure an Environment friendly growth.

GDA Staff

Gwadar Office 339
Quetta Office 08

Total 347

GDA Projects

      Name of Work Estimated Cost Remarks
A. Road Sector
Construction/Black Topping (Jinnah Avenue) (Black Topping 13.625 KM Completed) Rs. 392.847 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Padizir Blvd) (Black Topping 17.5Kilometers Completed)
Rs.315.574 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Marine Drive) (Black Topping 34 Kilometers completed)
Rs.589.266 Million completed
Construction/Black Topping (Balochistan Broad Way) (Black Topping 34 Km Completed)
Section-I= 8 KM       Section-II= 6KM        Total = 14KM  Rs. 348.603 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Pasni Avenue) (Black Topping 5 KM Completed)
Total 5KM                 Rs.79.098 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Jiwani Avenue) (12  KM Black Topping completed)
Total 12KM                 Rs.156.572 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Pishukan Avenue)
Total 5KM                 Rs.46.456 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Rakhshan Avenue)
Total 7.75 KM                 Rs.160.916 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Awaran Avenue)( Black Topping 9 KM Completed)
Total 9KM                 Rs.108.429 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Kalmat Avenue) (Black Topping 7 KM Completed)
Total 7KM                 Rs.67.352 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Monument Circle) (Black Topping 1.2 KM completed)
Total 2.25KM                 Rs.93.534 Million completed
Construction/Black Topping (Bela Avenue) (Black Topping 3.5 Km Completed)
Total 5 KM Rs. 39.988 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Mand Avenue)
Total 6.5 KM Rs. 96.012 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Commercial East) (Black Topping 1.3 KM Completed)
Total 13 KM Rs. 35.243 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Kahan Avenue) (Black Topping 5.275 KM completed)
Total 2.5 KM Rs.146.903 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Kulanch Avenue)
      Total 5 KM Rs.24.502 Million  Completed.
Construction/Black Topping (Model Circle)
Rs.101.204 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Chagai Avenue)(Black Topping 6.275 KM completed)
Total 7 KM Rs.123.508 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Kharan Avenue) (Black Topping 1 KM completed)
Total 1 KM Rs. 13.888 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Kharan Avenue) (Black Topping 1 KM completed)
Total 6 KM Rs.148.162 Million Completed
Construction/Black Topping (Airport Road)
Total 11 KM Rs.619.769 Million 70% Completed
Construction of Bridge on Marine  Drive at Ankara Creek
Rs.176.441 Million Completed
B. Building Section
Construction of Sports Complex Rs.253.421 Million Completed
Construction of 50 Bedded Ward with Doctors Residency Rs.173.351 Million Completed
Admin Block & OPD Block Phase-I
Construction of Boundary wall for Central Park Rs.14.909 Million  Completed
Construction of GDA Office Block-I & II Rs.77.106 Million Completed
Construction of Central Park. Rs.52.159 Million Completed
Construction of Beach wall in front of Governor House Rs.4.2 Million Completed
Construction of GDA Model School with Teacher Residency Rs.248.021 Million Completed
Construction of District & Provincial Office Complex Gwadar Rs.425.725 Million Completed
Construction Internal Roads Total 13 KM Rs.166.149 Million Completed
Construction of Sewerage System Rs.7.196 Million Completed
Water supply system Rs.6.340 Million Completed
Construction of 100 Boundary walls Rs.12.920Million Completed
D. Fish Landing Jetty
Fish Landing Jetty Pishukan Rs.1618.715 Million 49% completed
Fish Landing Jetty Surbandar Rs.1684.451 Million

78% completed

E. Environment
Cocnut Plantation in Master Plan sites of GDA Rs.1.869 Million 85% completed
Sand Dune Stabilization in Master Plan area sites of GDA Rs.9.365 Million

20% completed

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